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6 Healthy Buddha Bowls That Are As Pretty As They Are Delish

6 Healthy Buddha Bowls That Are As Pretty As They Are Delish

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Confession time: I use my Postmates app more than I use my kitchen.

The thought of spending my precious evenings post work dicing and sautéing, instead of Netflix binging and face masking, isn’t exactly appealing to me. The major issues with this is that a) it sucks my wallet dry, and b) it’s not the most nutritional dinner option.

We live in the wellness age, where eating healthy and taking care of ourselves has never been so important. Protein shakes, vitamins, natural supplements, you name it — it’s all crucial to living a nutritious and balanced life.

At the base of being “well” is your diet. As important as it is to eat right, it’s just not always easy. Recently, I’ve found healthy buddha bowl recipes that aren’t only easy, but are filled with all the good stuff that my body needs. Buddha bowls truly are meal prep’s best friend, so take advantage of your Sundays, and you’ll have dinner ready to go for the rest of the week!

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What is a Buddha Bowl?

Before we dive into these healthy buddha bowl recipes, let’s break down what exactly a Buddha bowl is.

A Buddha bowl is – to put it simply, a hodgepodge of healthy (and delicious) ingredients thrown together in a bowl. The general rule of thumb is that they consist of five main categories: protein, grains, nuts, veggies and some sort of dressing. They are chock full of healthy fats, lean proteins, carbohydrates and your favorite veggies.

The best part? They’re easy.

Meal Prep some chicken, whip up some sweet potatoes, quinoa and Brussels sprouts, and you’re set for the week – just add spinach and a dressing of your choice. Perfect for those lazy weekday nights. Keep reading to learn about healthy Buddha bowl recipes we recommend all year round.

How to Add Extra Flavor to Your Healthy Buddha Bowl Recipes

The Roasted Root also offers up some ways to change up any of the above healthy buddha bowl recipes.

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Want to add even more flavor? Feel free to add or subtract your favorite fruit, or add your favorite green (raw or cooked) and use any type of spice you think might compliment the dish.

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or a carnivore, this dish is for you. That’s the beauty of a Buddha bowl — it can really be whatever you want. Feel free to get as creative as you want, and make a big batch that’ll last you the whole week.

Relaxing weeknight evenings, here we come!

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Healthy Buddha Bowl Recipes to Try

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