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8 Recipes For Jicama Fries That’ll Make You Ditch French Fries For Good

8 Recipes For Jicama Fries That’ll Make You Ditch French Fries For Good

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French fries may be your weakness, but wait until you try out a few recipes for jicama fries, the low carb, nutrient-rich snack that dieters are going crazy for.

It’s all well and good that health studies guilt trip us into abandoning French fries because of their fat content, acrylamide-spewing properties or whatever it is this time around, but they should at least give us a decent replacement for our fave fast food. Well, it looks like we’ll just have to find one for ourselves.

If you weren’t convinced by the zucchini alternative for French fries, you might be swayed by a more rootier substitute: jicama. As foreign as it may sound, this Mexican turnip is surprisingly tasty and can be cooked in a variety of ways to hone that perfect French fry texture. We’re not going to lie to you: jicama fries and French fries aren’t identical in flavor, but they’re still a great alternative.

Fortunately, there are lots of wonderful recipes for jicama fries out there that you can fry up for yourself and maybe even manage to wean yourself off the pommes frites for good.


What Are Jicama Fries?

Jicama fries are derived from the jicama root vegetable, basically a type of turnip. Today, it’s being used as a low carb replacement for potatoes. Don’t get your hopes up too much. They don’t taste exactly like French fries, but they are still delicious: crispy on the inside and juicy all over. Sprinkled with the right spice mix, you have yourself a healthy, guilt-free snack.

Of course, there’s not one set recipe for Jicama fries. Food bloggers are using different methods and ingredients to cook up these babies. Some are frying them with spices and herbs, while others are dousing them in mushroom gravy, and some are whipping up the most delectable dips. The best thing? Most of these are either low carb or vegan and low in calories!

Which jicama recipe is best? There’s not one, but many you can choose from. In just a moment, we’ll take you through our favorites!

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Does Jicama Taste Like Potatoes?

Sliced jicama in a wood bowl alongside a whole jicama and a peeled jicama

It looks like a potato, but does it taste like one? Not exactly. Jicama has a slighter sweeter taste than potatoes with hints of nuttiness. In terms of its texture, it’s much like an apple: crisp and crunchy. Like potatoes though, the peel of jicama should be discarded because of its fibrous texture.

But don’t be disappointed.

Zucchini doesn’t take like potato at all and yet, we were told they worked as a great replacement for French fries. Over the years, we’ve been fed a lot of French fry alternative options, which haven’t been that great.

The great thing about jicama is that you’ll love it for its natural goodness.

Can I Eat Jicama Fries on a Keto Diet?

Are you following a keto diet and ever so slightly craving a plate of warm, crispy French fries? Yeah, we’ve all been there. It’s hard not to crave carbs when that’s precisely what you want … you know how we always want what we can’t have ugh.

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Luckily, you can eat certain types of fries on a keto diet. Jicama fries are totally compliant! With one serving clocking in at only 3.1 grams of net carbs, you have permission to enjoy a plate of warm, crispy jicama fries.

Now you can finally silence those taste bud complaints, nagging for a carb fix. Your fix can be found in tasty jicama fries.

Are Jicama Fries Good for Weight Loss?

You already know French fries aren’t a good food for weight loss.

Jicama fries, on the other hand, are a delicious alternative, yet have three times fewer calories. Whereas a small serving of French fries shrouds 271 calories, a similar quantity of jicama fries contains only 62 calories. Of course, the number of calories depends on each recipe for jicama fries. There are going to be some that are fattier than others.

On the whole, they’re far better for weight loss than ordinary French fries.

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8 Recipes for Jicama Fries You’ll Definitely Love

Itching to try out some of the recipes for jicama fries? You’re in luck: We’ve rounded up the eight best versions that’ll help introduce you to the wonders of jicama.

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