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Gymshark Dupes You’ll Swear Are the Real Thing (But Cost Much Less)

Gymshark Dupes You’ll Swear Are the Real Thing (But Cost Much Less)

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If you’ve spent any time scrolling through any of the millions of #fitfluencer posts on Instagram, then it’s pretty likely you know about Gymshark. The social media phenomenon — started in 2012 in founder Ben Francis’ garage — was built entirely online, thanks to word of mouth and recommendations from some of the biggest online trainers in the business (like Kim Kardashian’s trainer, Mel Alcantara).

Why are Gymshark leggings, tops and sports bras so popular? They give curves in all the right areas (ahem, booty).

The prices, however, can be steep for someone on a budget — and they’re known to sell out quickly, so it’s even more difficult to get your hands on some of the more popular styles. Are you just SOL? Nope!

We’ve spent countless hours searching the web for the best dupes that not only fit amazing but are affordable.

Gymshark Dupes to Add to Your Collection

Gymshark’s flagship product is definitely its vast collection of leggings that fit in all the right places but are comfortable, too. They usually sell out in an instant, making it difficult to get your hands on a pair. And if you do? Well, the price can be a bummer. Luckily, these Gymshark dupes for leggings are almost identical to the real thing.

The ultra-popular Gymshark Ombre Seamless collection — including the leggings — is apparently discontinued with only a few sizes left on the site for any of the gear. You can buy second hand on sites like Poshmark, or try the Aoxjox High-Waisted Ombre Seamless Leggings that are nearly identical.

Aoxjox Tummy Control Ombre Seamless Leggings

The “functional fabric” of these Gymshark dupes is comprised of 90 percent nylon and 10 percent polyester and spandex. The mixture of these materials creates a comfortable — and moisture-wicking — legging that keeps you cool while you power through those sets.

The main complaint people have is that they don’t have as much compression as Gymshark. However, the ombre design seems to make up for that.

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The Queenie Ke Women Power Flex Leggings are a popular choice for those looking for Gymshark or Lululemon dupes at a fraction of the price.

Queenieke Power Flex Leggings

The 86 percent nylon and 14 percent spandex mix gives the leggings a four-way stretch and plenty of moisture-wicking abilities. They’re also squat proof, meaning you won’t accidentally show off your bits to people while doing a squat.

These Gymshark Dreamy Leggings dupes also have a hidden pocket to keep all of your valuables — like your phone and keys — out of sight.

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The Gymshark Energy+ Seamless Leggings are the trendiest of all their leggings, thanks to strategically placed eyelets down the leg of the pants. They’re also designed to be booty contouring (like all Gymshark leggings) while providing plenty of compression.

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Luckily, you can get the same eye-catching design, compression and gluteal enhancements with the Seasum Women’s High Waist Active Energy Leggings.

The squat-proof leggings are designed have enough compression to take you from weight lifting to cardio — and then brunch afterward. The 88 percent polyester and 12 perfect Spandex mix is said to be true to size, though some recommend going up a size for best fit.

Oh, and they’re not always good for those who like to wear underwear while working out.

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