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Our Mission

Celebribody is a healthy lifestyle and fitness motivation magazine for women. Get weight-loss tips for women, along with fat-burning workouts, yoga, weight loss, information on diets, like the keto diet, and much more.

Who We Are

The Celebribody editorial team is composed of experienced writers and editorials with diverse backgrounds, views, and opinions.

Here’s a look at our leadership and contributors:


Meagan Morris

Meagan Morris is the editor in chief of Celebribody. She's veteran health and wellness editor with over 15 years of experience. Her work has been featured in The Atlantic, Yahoo Health, Cosmopolitan, SELF, and Women's Health, among others. She spends most of her time writing, but her favorite part of the day is spent under a barbell doing squats.

Allanah Dykes

Allanah Dykes is a freelance writer for Celebribody. Her work has been featured on Hunker, Matador Network, Elite Daily, and PopSugar, among others. Most of her day is spent writing, but she loves to garden and incorporate dance workouts into her weekly workout schedule when she has the chance.

Editorial Standards and Practices

Celebribody applies best practices for reporting our articles. Whenever possible, we interview credentialed and licenses experts, doctors, and researchers; and cite information from nationally recognized agencies, organizations, and peer-reviewed medical journals.

You can learn more about our experts here.

We also update our articles periodically to reflect current and accurate information.

Content Creation Process

Celebribody only works with writers and content creators who have years of experience with a subject in order to provide you with content that’s both actionable and accurate.

Editors work with writers throughout the editorial process, and articles may go through several layers of editing before publication. We require writers to use multiple primary sources (including expert interviews and publications) whenever possible.

How Celebribody Earns Money

Celebribody utilizes display advertising, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing in order to provide you with the best health, wellness, and lifestyle content. Whenever possible, that earn us affiliate revenue are tested by our writers and editors to ensure we’re providing you with the unbiased truth.

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How to Advertise on Celebribody

Celebribody offers a variety of advertising options to fit your business’ needs, including display advertising, sponsored posts, affiliate partnerships, and more. Learn more about our offerings and see our press kit here.

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