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Everything You Need to Know About Yoga


What Is the Mind Diet?

The MIND diet is an eating plan that optimizes brain health and prevents cognitive decline…

What Is the Raw Food Diet?

The raw food diet involves eating food that hasn’t been cooked, and isn’t pasteurized, homogenized, or chemically processed.

What Is the Nutritarian Diet?

The nutritarian diet was created by Joel Fuhrman and involves eating plant-based foods that are high in certain micronutrients for health.

What Is the Baby Food Diet?

The baby food diet is a fad diet that involves only eating jars of pureed fruits, vegetables, and meats, much like babies do.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a style of eating where people eat all of their meals within a certain time period and abstain during fasting times.

What Is the Abs Diet?

David Zinczenko created the Abs Diet to help people lose body fat from the stomach to help reveal visible ab muscles.

What Is the AIP Diet?

The autoimmune protocol diet (AIP diet) is an elimination diet that removes certain inflammation-causing foods to reduce health problems.

What Is the Slimfast Diet?

The Slimfast diet is a meal replacement diet aimed at individuals wanting rapid weight loss while still eating the foods they love.